Open Circuits

BJ Best and Joel Matthys

Open Circuits

August 28 - October 13, 2019

Joyce Paddock Bliss Gallery

9 am - 5 pm
Carroll University - Main Hall 120 N. East Ave Waukesha, WI 53186

The Pieces

Trust (2019)

Interactive mediaJoel Matthys Swipe your card to start the show! What card? Your student ID will work. So will a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card. Your gas card. Maybe even your credit card! Take your pick. I’ve created a personalized melody just for you! But you have to swipe your card to hear it. What’s […]

Second Person Shooter (2019)

Video gameBJ BestSound Design by Joel Matthys “Do violent video games cause violence?” seems to an evergreen question, especially after a mass shooting when politicians and the media need a scapegoat. But this game seeks to make the question more personal. Rather than shooting some nameless unknown enemy, the game asks what happens if you […]

High Score Screen Burn Slow Burn (2018)

Video gameBJ Best Does a video game need a player? HSSBSB argues no, being the first zero-player game for the Atari 2600. It is experienced by watching a square randomly traverse an endless map of mostly empty screens. Occasionally, an abstract item appears on the screen, and the square might collide with it, earning points. […]

ArtyBots (2017-19)

Computer generated images on canvasBJ Best ArtyBots is a family of programs that use Twitter to tweet algorithm-generated artworks that “make hell a more pleasant place,” according to one commenter. Each bot follows an algorithm to generate or manipulate its images in a unique style. This exhibited work shows a sequential conversation among all of […]

Seven Broken Mysteries (2019)

Interactive MultimediaBJ BestSound design by Joel Matthys This piece combines the old and the new, exploiting the tension between them. A 1949 Silvertone radio has been modified to house a microcomputer inside it which supplies digital data from three of the radio’s knobs. These knobs control words on a screen that create brief two-line poems. […]

Torch Sung (2019)

MultimediaBJ Best and Joel Matthys What kind of art might artificial intelligence make? This multimedia exhibit features art mediated by algorithms. The starting point is poems created in collaboration with AI. Best took all of his poems from the past twenty years and fed them into torch-rnn, an AI model that has no previous knowledge […]

Listening Box (2012-2019)

Live Processed AudioJoel Matthys The music we make is intimately tied to our bodies. Rhythm is an expression of our heartbeat; melody comes from our voices; phrases are born of our breath. But a computer has neither heart nor lungs. Left to it’s own devices, what kind of music would the computer make? All of […]

Tectonic Shift (2016)

Live computer projection and soundJoel Matthys Tectonic Shift is a portal into ritual and communication across cultures. The computer is processing a live video feed, looking for patterns, connected blobs of movement, trying to make meaning from its input, just as we the observers try to make meaning of the protection. The location of objects […]

Color Life image

Color Life (2019)

Computer graphic on canvasJoel Matthys The images from Color Life are stills from a digital simulation of evolution, a process known as cellular automata. In this piece, each pixel has an identity defined by its color. Pixels that are surrounded by similar pixels are more likely to survive and reproduce. Eventually they form into complex […]