Computer generated images on canvas
BJ Best

ArtyBots is a family of programs that use Twitter to tweet algorithm-generated artworks that “make hell a more pleasant place,” according to one commenter. Each bot follows an algorithm to generate or manipulate its images in a unique style. This exhibited work shows a sequential conversation among all of the ArtyBots members, and the canvases are hung in order from left to right, top to bottom. In order, the participants are:

  1. @ArtyAbstract takes random mathematical equations and paints a picture, using the equations to determine the red, green, and blue values for each pixel.
  2. @ArtyMash pulls a random creative commons image from the photo-sharing site Flickr and superimposes it with an image it receives, often altering the colors of both.
  3. @ArtyNegative returns something similar to the photographic negative of an image it receives.
  4. @ArtyTiles reduces an image to a tiled mosaic based on colors it finds within each square.
  5. @ArtyPolar generates simple random equations and uses polar coordinates to remap an image it receives.
  6. @ArtyLetters is perhaps the strangest member of the family. It divides the image into a grid, evaluates its overall colors, assigns a letter based on its calculations, then writes that letter in a contrasting color.
  7. @ArtyEdit is like a child who has access to standard controls of an image editing program: brightness, contrast, enlarging, and various types of enhancing. It randomly tweaks those settings.
  8. @ArtyCrush reduces an image to the eight colors possible by turning either on or off the red, green, and blue values for a particular pixel. The possible colors are black, white, red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, and magenta.
  9. @ArtyShapes superimposes random simple shapes such as rectangles and triangles on top of an image, again modifying its colors.
  10. @ArtyPetals makes a kaleidoscopic image by taking random walks from the center. The program takes a pixel from the center of the original image and copies it to a new one, often mirrored and copied. It then moves to the next pixel in a random direction. The result is a winding of trail of pixels that only ends when the trail hits the edge of the image.
  11. @ArtyTriangle is the sibling of @ArtyTiles, tessellating an image into triangles.
  12. @ArtyWinds behaves as if each pixel is a grain of colored sand that could be blown across an image.
  13. @ArtyCurve uses a mathematical translation to bend an image into curves.
  14. @ArtyImpression paints thousands of small semi-transparent circles and ovals to repaint an image in an impressionistic style.
  15. In addition to generating original images, @ArtyAbstract can also create abstract works from images it receives based on recursively generated mathematical equations.

All of these bots are active on Twitter, where they are constantly conversing. Users can also submit their own images to a particular bot and it will reply with its alterations.