Interactive media
Joel Matthys

Swipe your card to start the show!

What card? Your student ID will work. So will a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card. Your gas card. Maybe even your credit card! Take your pick.

I’ve created a personalized melody just for you! But you have to swipe your card to hear it.

What’s the matter? I would never use your data to create a database to sell to advertisers. I wouldn’t do that.

Don’t you want to see the show? Go ahead: swipe your card! Who cares if your data isn’t private anymore. It’s worth it, believe me. It’s a good show.

It’s not like I’m recording all of your data and selling it on the dark web. I would never do that!

Or would I?

No, of course I wouldn’t. *

*Or would I?

(No, really. I wouldn’t.)


(Or would I?)