Joel Matthys

Joel Matthys is a composer and digital multimedia artist based in Waukesha, WI. His works explore language, meaning, and the complex interactions between humans and machines. Matthys earned his DMA at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), and is the founder of laptop orchestras CiCLOP and CLIME. An active proponent of free and open source software, Matthys has contributed code to RTcmixChucKPure Data, and Fluxus.
As a composer, Matthys composes both acoustic and electronic music. His music has been featured at multiple SEAMUS concerts and with performing groups Thelema Trio (Belgium), Vox Musica (Sacramento CA), Fringe Logic (Cincinnati), MiLO (Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra), PoEMS (SUNY-Potsdam), JCFA Composers Orchestra (Indianapolis), and at universities across the US and Italy. His music can be found at

B.J. Best

B.J. Best is a poet, video game designer, and digital art creator living in Wisconsin. He is the author of three books and five chapbooks of poetry, most recently Everything about Breathing (Bent Paddle Press, 2019). He has published two games on cartridge for the Atari 2600: Space Cactus Canyon (2017) and High Score Screen Burn Slow Burn (2018). He has also created the @ArtyBots family of image creation and alteration bots that have been active on Twitter since 2017. His digital work examines what computers might “think” when given minimal human supervision, and it considers how programs can translate and reinterpret data they receive from other programs in surprising ways. Visit him online at